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Holiday Relief for those with HIV/AIDS

Fundraiser by The Kevin Todd Memorial Fund

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By donating to The Kevin Todd Memorial Fund, you would help provide much needed holiday relief and provide financial resources for patients affected by HIV/AIDS to lighten the burdens that disrupt treatment. These funds would help provide patients with prescription drugs, rent payments, bus rides to appointments and much more, and remind them that they are not forgotten!

The Kevin Todd Memorial Fund Story

Kevin Todd was only 40 years old when he passed away of complications from AIDS in 1997. 

In 1999, Kevin’s family started the nonprofit Spirit of the Holidays to preserve his memory and give patients and families affected by HIV/ AIDS “one carefree day” each holiday season, donating gifts and food to more than 1,000 South Jersey families. 

Determined to expand their impact, the O’Neill/Todd family, through the Spirit of the Holidays project, established the Kevin Todd Memorial Fund in March 2019 to provide year-round support for individuals with HIV/ AIDS and their loved ones—creating a source of hope and healing for South Jersey families.

What We Do

Living with HIV/AIDS is difficult for patients and their families. It’s even harder when the illness is compounded by additional challenges, such as mental illness, addiction, or poverty. Managed by the Jefferson Health Foundation—New Jersey, the Kevin Todd Memorial Fund provides financial resources, which could mean the difference between surviving and thriving, and even life and death. In doing so, we strengthen Kevin’s enduring legacy through the outreach and good works of the fund.

Real-World Impact

The following stories are just a few examples of the myriad ways the Kevin Todd Memorial Fund is helping our neighbors. 

• When a doctor changed the medication for a patient with a drug-resistant virus, the patient had to wait for his next disability check to fill the new prescription. This delay would have caused the virus to worsen and advance. The Kevin Todd Memorial Fund covered the patient’s co-pay so he could start the new medicine immediately.

• After a long period of homelessness, an HIV/AIDS patient’s case manager was able to find him stable, affordable housing. The patient was doing well until he was struck with an acute illness. He held two jobs to pay his bills, but started missing work and was falling behind on his rent. The stress was impacting his immune system, and he was not taking his medication consistently. The case manager deployed resources from other programs, but it was not enough to prevent eviction. The case manager then turned to the Kevin Todd Memorial Fund, and we were able to save this individual from homelessness.

• A young woman was in and out of hospitals and non-adherent to medical care and medications. Her immune system was depleted; her viral load was elevated; and she suffered from depression and substance abuse. Additionally, she had no stable place to live. Today, she is doing better and her viral load is undetectable. Her patient administrator attributes her success to the Kevin Todd Memorial Fund and her dedicated group of providers that never gave up on her. Her team of caregivers were always nonjudgmental and accepting, and worked hard to establish trust. They found her a housing program, but it was not free. The patient had some income, but it was not enough to cover the total rent. The Kevin Todd Memorial Fund provided one month’s rent, and that was enough to enable this individual to turn her life around.

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