Birding Bonanza

By Community Kitchen of Monroe County

IndiGo Birding Nature Tours and Community Kitchen are teaming up to present the first ever Birding Bonanza fundraiser. You can participate by asking friends or family to sponsor you for each type of bird that you find on the Bonanza bird identification form, up to $100 for finding them all. You then collect your sponsorship funds and turn the money in to Community Kitchen. The event starts now and ends on March 31, 2021. All monies must be turned in by April 9, 2021.

Nancy Martin


Keith & Julie Bobay


June Taylor


Adam Maltese


Didi Kerler



Nancy's Birding fundraiser

By Nancy Martin

$464.05 Raised $500.00 Goal
Birding with Bobays BWB

By Keith & Julie Bobay

$308.94 Raised $300.00 Goal
June's Birding Bonanza Fundraiser

By June Taylor

$262.46 Raised $500.00 Goal
J & C Maltese

By Adam Maltese

$232.04 Raised $250.00 Goal
Gan Shalom Fundraiser for the Community Kitchen

By Didi Kerler

$167.59 Raised $500.00 Goal
Lucy’s Birding Bonanza Fundraiser

By Lena Miller

$160.87 Raised $100.00 Goal